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Many of your questions will be answered below.  If you still need help, please use the Contact Us page and someone from Pathways will be in touch with your shortly.

When Do You Meet?

We meet for 26 weeks during the school year.  We will begin after Labor Day in September and continue through early May.  A detailed calendar will be posted soon.

  • Classes begin at 9:00 and are finished by 2:00.  Families all help with clean up and most are gone by 2:15.

What is the Cost to Join Pathways?

A non-refundable $75 fee is due with your application in order to hold your spot. If there is no room for your family, it will be returned.  However, if you decide not to join Pathways, it remains non-refundable.

Monday Only  or Wednesday Only- $225 per semester per family

Monday and Wednesday - $350 per semester per family (available only for families who have at least one student in 7th grade and up.)

In addition to the semester fees, there are small class fees to pay for consumable materials used in class.

Fall semester fees are due at the time of class registration. Spring semester fees are due in October.  These fees are non-refundable.

Do You Offer Drop-off Classes?

We have a limited number of spaces for drop-off students each day. This is limited to 9th-12th grade students.  In addition to the fees listed above, you will need to pay a $100 fee per student for each day of drop off.  This means that if your entire family attends on one day and in addition your HS student attends on the other day, your family will have to pay for 2 days plus a drop off fee for that student.

Can I Get Paid to Teach a Class?

We are a true co-op.  We need every parent to work co-operatively to make Pathways run. We do not pay our teachers.  We strive to offer classes that are taught by the moms and dads of our students.  Each parent gives freely of his or her gifts.  

However we realize that parents who are stepping up to lead teach a class are putting in extra work for Pathways. They may be planning, shopping for materials, grading papers etc.  For that reason we do offer a discount to teachers: $50 for Elementary classes and $75 for MS/HS core classes or electives where the teacher maintains a Cavas Classroom and provides grades to the parent.

There may be times when we bring in a "paid" teacher. This is an expert in a particular subject. This is only done when we do not have a parent who is capable or able to lead that class.  In this case, the parents of the children who choose to sign up for that class will need to work with the teacher to arrange a payment directly with the instructor.  Pathways does not hire teachers for our co-op.

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