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What Happens Next?

I am so glad that you like what you have heard and seen about Pathways Homeschool Co-op.  I know you are excited to get started.  Please remember:

We are homeschool families just like you. We are trying to finish our year out too.  We have kids, sports, lessons and vacations.  We have jobs that have to be done.  We are working hard to get ready for next year. Please give us grace while you are waiting.  Thank you.

1.  The Application Period

We will open up applications to new families in mid June.  You can watch our website and the local homeschooling FB groups to see announcements when we start taking new applications.  If you are on our contact list, we will also send you an email.

2.  The Sorting Period

As we get applications, we will begin sorting them by children's ages and grades.  We sort by the day you are interested in.  (We do have more room on Wednesdays than on Mondays) We will see which families we have room for based on our current returning families.  We will continue to do this until the end of June.

3.  The Interview Period

We will begin contacting the families that we have room for in late June to early July.  We still have some teaching spots that need to be filled for next year.  Moms and Dads who are willing to step up and teach will be given priority over those who are not. We will begin filling the open spots at this time.

4.  The Class Registration Period

Once we have our teachers in place we can finally register for classes.  This usually takes place in mid to late July.  We use a priority system so that moms who teach more classes will be allowed to choose classes first.  Please do not purchase any books or supplies until you know your child has been accepted into a class.

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